Monday, 26 January 2009

beach homes

i have just been watching a british tv show "fantasy homes by the sea". the couple searching for their fantasy homes were raving about the views.

How lucky are we in oz, I can stay in the picses caravan park at apollo bay and get a view which kills anything they could find, and walk 50 metres to be on a beach that has proper sand and surf for a fraction of the price of the homes they showed, with warm enough weather to actually swim in the sea.

Sunday, 8 April 2007


i passed!

"2006 OpenUnis SP 4 NET11 The Internet-Adv Skills: Distinction"

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

The day the (aussie) music died

vale billy thorpe

it's hard to find words to express what I feel today. as my daughter puts it, he's over the rainbow now.

farewell billy. thanks for the great music

Friday, 23 February 2007


many things have i discovered in the course of net11. this little piece of interactive web is a real gem for music lovers:

Saturday, 17 February 2007


i've been away on hols, and the internet access i expected failed, so i have neglected my studies.

because of the short time left to deadlines, i find myself in a 'gumption trap' to continuing. (see reading). there is no other choice i am going to have to bulldoze my way through the week step by step and hope it all comes out in time.....

Saturday, 27 January 2007

super searching

google search for "advanced internet user"
shows 98.9 million hits

seekz search for"advanced internet user" shows 54 million hits


acrobat, flash and shockwave are all active on my system.

quicktime and realplayer
I already have these on my system, but realplayer annoys me with its aggressive advertising and trying to take over all video files. I recall seeing a freeware alternative for both these programs, so I decided to uninstall them and install the alternative, media player classic.

I also upgraded windows media player to version 11.

I downloaded and installed the software and it works beautifully for those files winamp doesn't cover.

In reality, I only use these three media programs for a small number of video files, as winamp handles most codecs, and is my preferred media player. I have tried several media players over recent years, but I find that winamp has the most intuitive interface and excellent features, plus a huge list of plugins and skins.

I looked at the copernic website, and downloaded copernic, only to discover i had downloaded and installed a desktop search system, not a metasearch engine! Back at the website, I discovered a few pages in that I should have downloaded copernic meta. I uninstalled the the first copernic, and started installation of the second, only to have the installer crash halfway through. It is late and I now have lost patience with copernic, so i decided to look for something else.

I found a meta search engine with an online interface, so i decided to try it. seekz.