Sunday, 31 December 2006

chat iv

well i think i saw enough of irc. i hope that is enough for cynthia too! time to move on to module 3
I can already say that IRC is infinitely more complex than ICQ or MSN. Whole set of new commands to learn, and it is certainly not user friendly!

and in the middle of it all someone popped up and asked if anyone wanted to see a pik of saddam being hanged! as i replied, yuk. thats one for the person in REA11 arguing against capital punishment!

Frankly it would have to be very good to be bothered!

chat III

unfortunately the cut and paste didn't save nicks in the conversation!

/msg helpop help
that has some things there
what exactly were you after?
nTa_TaiN^Melb, try typing /localinfo -u
see if that helps
anyone want a picture of sudham's head being hung in a noose ?
its called justice
no its called revenge
justice is blind dont forget
*HelpOP* *** Help ***
*HelpOP* For more information regarding any topics covered in HelpOP,
*HelpOP* please join #help or e-mail

chat II


[INFO]Channel view for “#help” opened.

-->|YOU (GraemeHolt) have joined #help

=-=Topic for #help is “[#Help] - Austnet's Official General Help. Please ask your question(s) in the MAIN channel ONCE, and wait patiently for a reply. No private message(s) to helpers for help. No Colours, MP3's, Aways or Repeating.”

=-=Topic for #help was set by deoau on Sunday, 30 July 2006 4:27:43 PM

<GraemeHolt>how do i access the new users guide. could not find it at

still waiting, guess no one there perhaps because its new years eve. other people aren't crazy like me.


As i played around with icq a few years ago, i decided to look at irc, of which i have no experience.

first i checked out looked for the 'new users guide' but could not find the link on the website.

i downloaded chatzilla, an add on for firefox, and followed the instructions at to log on to austnet.

sadly my log on attempt was an immediate failure, i don't know what happened but i got this:

*** Welcome to Austnet
=== (G) Banned from this via gline mask : Banned from AustNet: even
threatoning to do d0s attacks and using vwhacks is enough to banish you ...
=== *** (G) Banned from AustNet: even threatoning to do d0s
attacks and using vwhacks is enough to banish you ....
[ERROR] Closing Link: Graeme by (You are
banned from this server. Email for assistance)

so i emailed and got the reply:
The nickname Graeme is banned and is not available for use. Please change
your nickname BEFORE trying to connect to Austnet.
why couldn't they have said so in the message! how many nicks will i have to try before i choose one not banned! watch for the next thrilling episode....


screen grab from thunderbirdI subscribed to some newsgroups as per module two task (click on screengrab for larger view)

i will ewatch a coupla days and then post to it. (with a typo i just invented a new word)(then again no i didn't ewatch)

The example shows 3 or 4 'on topic' out of the eleven.

one of those was a link to a streaming video site, n there i found this for aussie V8 loving rev-heads:

Thursday, 28 December 2006

  • What are the pros and cons of email lists versus discussion boards?
discussion boards are a more specific form of list, in net11 case limited to students enrolled in net11. anyone with an interest can search and find an appropriate list to join. lists are early internet technology, more popular is the forum format.
  • Are there certain kinds of communication or purposes more suited to one than the other?
There are various formats for communication, they overlap through the range of immediate (voice/video) through to asynchronous (email lists). the former is appropriate when immediate action is important, whereas the latter is appropriate for casual communication with little or no time constraints.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006


Have been very slack this week and will have to pick up my game.

Too much work in the silly season, have no energy when I get home.

Saturday, 2 December 2006

module 2 tasks: emails

1. What information about a user's email, the origin of a message, and the path it took, can you glean from an email message?

Sender, who they cc'd, is it a forward, a reply. In the body often is all the previous sender's of forwards especially in those #&!^& chain emails.

2. In what cases would you find it useful to use the 'cc', 'bcc' and 'reply all functions of email?

CC is useful for copying a message to someone for information only, usually they have no anticipated action, a watching brief so to speak.
BCC the main recipients of the email don't know about the copy. In all the years I've used email, I have never used it and probably never will. Its a bit rude really, IMHO.

3. In what ways can you ensure that an attachment you send will be easily opened by the receiver?

Best way is to ask the receiver. Send in a general format such as rtf for text, or pdf. Send in multiple formats ie AutoCad .dwg, TurboCad .tcw. I have also sent as a jpeg if nothing else works.

4. What sorts of filters or rules do you have set up, and for what purpose?

I set no filters on my emails. I use web based email only, anything looks wierd I tag it and delete on the server's computer, it never gets downloaded to my machine. Other advantage is if I change ISP I don't have to update my email address with my contacts.

5. How have you organised the folder structure of your email and why?

I have info folder for things I want to keep. emag for email newsletters I want to keep. inbox and trash, sent mail. My emails have not gotten to the stage were the sort of management in the tutorial is necessary, the subject headings are suffucient.

At my place of work, because of Scrooge McBoss, the email system is a joke, n I dont want to get involved, he gets my work too cheap now without me becoming IT manager as well!

Friday, 1 December 2006

Email received (Telnet task)

You searched for the AUTHOR: bennahum
2 AUTHORS found, with 2 entries; AUTHORS 1-2 are:

1 Bennahum David A 1936 ................................. 1 entry
2 Bennahum Ninotchka .................................... 1 entry

FTP task
This server runs on a unix platform, so CAPITALIZATION MATTERS!A file named "file.txt" IS NOT THE SAME as "FILE.TXT"

Ping task
"Packet" "Response Time (ms)"
"5" "94"
"4" "109"
"3" "125"
"2" "109"
"1" "109"

Trace task
1/ TraceRoute to []
Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name
1 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
3 0 0 0
4 2 2 1
5 9 2 1
6 1 1 1
7 37 37 37
8 37 37 37
9 255 198 198
10 194 195 195
11 207 207 208
12 216 216 218
13 243 243 243
14 243 243 243
15 243 243 243
16 243 244 243 -
17 243 243 243
18 243 243 243

from my computer
"Hop" "Address" "Response Time (ms)" "Name"
"1" "" "0", ""
"2" "*" "0" ""
"3" "" "63" ""
"4" "" "62" ""
"5" "" "62" ""
"6" "" "109" ""
"7" "" "110" ""
"8" "" "156" ""
"9" "" "125" ""
"10" "" "109" ""
"11" "" "109" ""
"12" "" "94" ""
"13" "" "94" ""

Thursday, 30 November 2006

this is the beginning

Here i start my blog. in my blog i shall log my progress in my degree subject net11.
This 57 Chevy was used for my son's wedding recently. Not mine sadly.